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SEO Audit


A search engine optimization audit is an important process for businesses looking to maximize their web visibility and ensure their website is performing optimally. An SEO audit includes a thorough investigation of both on-page and off-page SEO elements, such as keyword research to identify the best terms to target, content optimization to ensure users are engaged when they do find your website, technical site health checks to ensure your website can be indexed by search engines, backlink analysis and monitoring of social media mentions. An SEO audit should be conducted on a regular basis in order to identify opportunities where improvements could be made, as well as address any technical issues that may be hindering performance. Additionally, depending on the results of the audit, Our team may need to reassess their approach with regards to content creation and link building campaigns.

Evaluating a websites SEO performance




A webpage performance and security audit is a process of evaluating the performance and security of a website. It involves analyzing various aspects of the website to identify areas that can be improved to enhance its performance and security.

The performance audit involves testing the speed and responsiveness of the website, as well as evaluating its design and content to ensure that it is optimized for search engines and user engagement. The audit may include testing the load time of the website, the size of the images and other media on the site, the effectiveness of caching, and other factors that impact the speed and performance of the website.

Evaluating a webpage performance & security

performance audit

Quality Assurance

The 1ondigital quality assurance team applies its advanced expertise to help your organization create reliable, maintainable, and error-free digital solutions.Quality assurance is the soul of the product development.Our testing and quality management services are built around reliability, efficiency, and expertise to improve your digital assets across the entire development procedure.

Functional Testing
Align functionality with design specs and user expectations
Security Testing
Identify vulnerabilities and safeguard application data
End-to-End Testing
Automate the cross-browser testing of web applications
Ensure efficient operation across devices and environments