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Have you audited your website’s performance recently? If you’re like the majority of organizations chances are, probably not. The average lifespan of a website is typically between 2 – 5 years, but even that timeframe can lead to lagging behind competitors if there’s no maintenance done between redesigns.

If embarking on a full website redesign sounds too daunting, or you need a place to start, take a moment to analyze what’s working on your current site and what needs fixing. Use this post as an internet site audit guide to help you in identifying issues.

What is a website audit?
A website audit is that the inspection and analysis of critical website performance goals. It’s usually done prior to a full website redesign, re-architecting, or design tweaks. Auditing a website can identify common mistakes, ranking oversites, broken segments, and just about anything else that would affect a users’ impressions.

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