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Web design & development is becoming increasingly important as the digital world continues to grow. The modern business environment relies on the internet for virtually everything and so having a strong web presence is crucial for businesses to stay competitive. Web design and development can range from basic HTML markup to sophisticated back-end software development.

The design process of web development starts with user experience, the goal being to create an engaging and usable experience. This involves creating a plan and design the aesthetics of a website and its workflow. This process often incorporates user-testing, where user feedback is collected and used to improve the user-experience and optimize the design. User-testing also helps to identify any potential usability issues, while also helping ensure that the design meets the needs of the target audience.

The development process of web design and development involves coding the site – writing code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other coding languages. This code is used to create the structure and visuals of the website, as well as to provide the interactive features and other features required. The development process also includes additional development and testing, to ensure the website is fully functional. This process ensures the website is robust and can support various features, such as data input and retrieval, as well as user management.

Finally, website maintenance must be handled in order to keep a website operational. This includes, but is not limited to, updating code, updating design, and tackling important issues, such as security and performance.

In conclusion, web design and development is a complex process, and there are many steps required to create an effective online presence. While many individuals and organizations can design and develop websites, the most successful web presences are designed and developed by professionals due to the complexities of web design and development. Professional web developers possess the necessary skills and experience to create highly-functional, effective, and engaging websites, as well as the necessary maintenance skills to ensure the website’s performance is continually monitored and improved.

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